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Jack Sundhall: The Swedish Sensation in the USPHL with a Dream 

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In the heart of Chicago, a young and talented goaltender from Göteborg, Sweden, is taking the USPHL (United States Premier Hockey League) by storm. Jack Sundhall's journey in the league began with the Pueblo Bulls from Pueblo, Colorado, but he's now thrilled to be playing with the Chicago Crush. As we delve into his story, we discover a passionate athlete with a family background in sports, a love for golf, and an unshakable dream of one day playing in the NHL. 

Embracing Chicago and the Crush

Jack has found his second home in Chicago. He has developed a deep affection for the city, its vibrant culture, and the camaraderie among his teammates on the Crush. He speaks highly of the entire Crush organization, emphasizing the warm reception he received upon joining the team. This tight-knit community, united in their shared passion for the sport, has become an integral part of Jack's life. 

The Journey of Becoming a Goalie

With a smile on his face, Jack recounts how his journey to becoming a goalie began with the fascination for the unique equipment worn by netminders. The allure of donning the goalie gear was a compelling starting point, but what has kept him in this position is his love for the pressure and responsibility that comes with being the last line of defense. Jack thrives on the idea that his performance can change the outcome of the game by protecting the net, a role he takes on with fierce determination.

Embracing the Challenge

Jacks’s fondness for the USPHL extends to the smaller rinks in the United States, which translates into more shots on goal. This increased action keeps him on his toes and makes every game an exhilarating challenge. His ability to handle pressure is one of his key strengths, and he relishes the opportunity to prove himself in high-stakes situations. 

Billet Family: A Source of Support 

Jack attributes a significant portion of his access to his billet family. From day one, they welcomed him into their home and their hearts, providing support and encouragement. This strong familial bond has had a profound impact on his performance on the ice, reinforcing the importance of a solid support system in an athlete's life. 

Jack Sundhall, poised and ready | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

Wearing #31: A Tribute to Hero 

In every game, Jack dons the number 31, an homage to his favorite NHL goalie, Carey Price. Much like Price, he dreams of one day playing in the NHL and understands that hard work is the key to achieving this lofty goal. Jack knows that realizing his dream will require relentless dedication and he is more than willing to put in the work of countless hours of training both on and off the ice. 

Jack Sundhall spies the puck | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

Commitment to Excellence 

Jack's commitment to hockey mirrors his dedication to education, striving for excellence in both aspects of his life. He approaches every practice as if it were a game and plays every puck as if it's overtime in the national championship. This commitment is the driving force behind his success and sets an inspiring example for aspiring young hockey players. To say that Jack’s commitment to excellence is paying off is quite an understatement. He was recently named the USPHL Midwest Division’s player of the week for his outstanding performance in the net as his 33 saves secured a Crush 2 – 1 victory over their rivals the Fort Wayne Spacemen. (Currently, Jack ranks among the league leaders in several key statistical categories for goalies: 1) with six victories attached to his name, he is positioned fourth league-wide 2) Goals Against Average is 1.49, placing him in the nineth spot and 3) his save average of .949 places him eighth among all USPHL goalies) 

Advice for Aspiring Hockey Players 

As an athlete whose journey has taken him far from home, Jack offers valuable advice to young hockey players. He encourages them to follow their dreams and not be afraid to carve their own paths. He highlights the importance of embracing every experience as a chance to learn and grow, both as a person and as a hockey player. But above all, he emphasizes the need to have fun because without enjoyment, development becomes a challenging, if not impossible feat. 

Jack Sundhall spoils a shot on goal | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

A Hockey Journey Fueled by Dedication

Jack Sundhall’s story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a supportive network. As he continues to thrive in the USPHL with the Chicago Crush, he remains committed to realizing his dream of playing in the NHL. Jack's journey is a source of inspiration, reminding aspiring athletes that with hard work and a love for the game, anything is possible. His words of wisdom serve as a guide for the next generation of hockey players, emphasizing the importance of pursuing dreams and cherishing every moment on the ice.  Jack Sundhall’s inspiring story wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the vital support provided by sponsors like the Olson Insurance Group. Olson's commitment to the Chicago Crush and the USPHL helps create opportunities for exceptional young players like Jack to thrive and make their mark in the world of hockey.

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